About Us

professional technical services

25 years of computer repair experience

Micro Pro Consultants in Torrance, California, began as a mobile computer service company in 1990.

Our computer repair experience dates back to the original IBM™ PC. Since that time, we have developed into a successful service company that provides support to our clients at a level that exceeds expectations.

Mission Statement

We understand that computer issues can be complicated and yet we all rely so heavily on them it’s important to keep them operating at or near peak performance. Micro Pro Consultants thrives on providing excellent technical services both quickly and efficiently. We believe we are the premiere value-added service provider, far surpassing other computer service companies primarily because we offer not only peace of mind but genuine quality service combined with great customer compatibility.

Our Experience

Our company has encountered nearly all possible forms of hardware and/or software malfunctions on every type of PC, from the original 8088 processor to the fast multi-processor memory monsters of today. We’re not only skilled in handling the most common computer tasks; we’re also highly experienced in attending to more complex issues.

In our nearly 30 years of experience, our team has worked on countless repairs which include thousands of data recovery operations and data transfers in addition to creating volumes of troubleshooting procedures and techniques.

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